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as congress grills the obama administration over its failed website. >> the tough questions on capitol hill and the growing confusion in maryland. >>> hello, everyone, i'm dick carter. >> and i'm denise koch. >> many marylanders are still trying to sign up on the obamacare website. meghan mccorkell has more from the intense hearing on capitol hill. >> reporter: that problem-plagued website has sparked lots of controversy on capitol hill. >> we're barely four weeks into this one, and we're already declaring it dead. >> why should the american people believe you now? >> reporter: rapid-fire questions for the head of the health care website for what's being called a disastrous rollout. >> this health care gov site is fixable. >> reporter: another hit for obama care. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: but cbs news has learned insurance providers are dropping more than two million people because their policies don't meet minimum standards for the new law. >> the website says if you wa
the obama administration to act fast and push the enrollment for obamacare back. >> reporter: with the white house working on website repairs, members of both parties are talking about delays in implementing parts of the affordable health care act. a supporter of the law is leading an effort to allow the march 31st enrollment for the deadline to slide. >> the roll out has been a disaster. i'm proposing we extend when people can enroll. >> reporter: extending the enrollment period would give consumers valuable time to choose a plan that's best for them. republicans have similar ideas. >> it's harder and harder for them to justify why they wouldn't delay the individual mandate as well. i think you'll see them responding to the failure of this policy. >> reporter: today as the first family headed for sunday services, the president declined to comment. >> come on, guys, we're going to church. >> reporter: his administration is moving ahead. they believe if they can get the website working by the end of november, calls to delay will die down. there are even more problems over the weekend for the
president obama has complete confidence in the secretary. >>> swift action. nearly a dozen students disciplined, accused of cyber bullying. there have been growing calls for schools to crack down after a series of teen suicides across the country, including here in maryland. >> reporter: officials say school administrators were made aware of the cyber bullying incident on monday and by tuesday they'd taken action. 11 annapolis high school students not in class today. the group is accused of cyber bullying. officials say it started when one student photographed another without their knowledge, then texted the photo to other students with a di spatialing comment. it was eventually posted to social media. >> we face it very seriously. >> reporter: students say it still happens. >> i used to go to school with a lot of people who did that every day. >> it's a lot easier because you don't have to say it to someone's facement. >> reporter: a new law went into effect here in maryland that makes cyber bullying a minor a misdemeanor offense. it's called grace's law. she killed herself last ea
the united states allies in europe. they want president obama to stop the u.s. from spying on its leaders, including the chancellor of germany's cell phone calls. wjz is live. meghan mccorkell with more on the controversial surveillance program. >> reporter: u.s. officials got an ear full from representatives in washington today who think spying on their country's leaders is criminal. a delegation of european diplomates arrived on capitol hill hoping to limit u.s. spying on their leaders. >> i think we have to make a clear distinction between fighting terrorism together but not spying on friends. >> reporter: edward snowden leaked documents revealing the u.s. tapped german chancellor's cell phone and eavesdropped on more than 60 million private conversations in spain in just one month. >> we have the feeling that your closest allies are spying on you, that's difficult to such an ally in an open way anymore. >> we care about our privacy and mass surveillance is something we are very disturbed by. >> reporter: february steered clear of the controversy as he helped swear in his new fbi direc
with obamacare also causing tempers to flare. >> you have congress regulating programs that they are not subject to. >> reporter: and the blame game continues. >> this is not the way to run a government. >> the american people are worried about their jobs. >> reporter: members of congress should be worried too. a cbs news poll shows just a 9% job approval rating with 85% disapproving. >> that is the highest disapproval number we have had since we began asking this question back in 1977. >> reporter: political analysts say while previous polls have been low, this is different. >> what people have typically said in the past, however, is that although they hate congress as a group they really like their own member of congress. this time even their own members are taking a hit. >> reporter: some say they hope the frustrations lead to action on the part of the american people. >> i hope that average citizens become more aware of what it means for them to vote. >> reporter: a vote that could mean change in washington. and the president's approval rating is also at an all-time
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5